Blackout is an original play inspired by testimony from residents, community organisations, emergency responders, sociologists and journalists, telling the stories of ordinary lives in extraordinary times during the Storm Desmond power cut.

10.45pm, Saturday 5th December 2015 – the lights go out across Lancaster, Morecambe and Carnforth, plunging 100,000 people into darkness.

The total power cut leaves communities without communication, transport or information, cut off from the modern world in a blackout of unprecedented proportions.

Blackout is a thrilling account of the chaos, bewilderment and camaraderie of those who weathered the storm together.

Created with and performed by local people.


Writer: Sarah McDonald Hughes
Director: Alex Summers
Set & Costume Design: Katie Scott
Lighting Design: Ciarán Cunningham
Sound Design: Karen Lauke
Wardrobe Supervisor: Ann Preston
Set Construction: Liverpool Scenic Workshops
Venue: The Dukes Theatre, Lancaster
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