Fairy Poppins And The Naughty Winter Ghost.

Leeds Playhouse Creative Engagement
“Maybe the tables have turned and it’s fairies who need to believe in humans now”

Something magical is happening. In a street near you.

Gather round as Henderson, Brown and Wallis, a trio of rambunctious travelling players, tumble out of a van with a tall tale to tell. With music, magic and very (very) bad jokes, let them transport you to the deep dark woods, where an 800-year-old forgotten fairy and a brave(ish) child called Freddy try to save spring from the freezing clutches of a naughty ghost.

Hilarious and a tiny bit spooky for scaredy-parents (a lion roars softly more than once), why not join Fairy Poppins, Freddy – and three very silly storytellers – on this magical, meaningful adventure.


Writer: Robert Alan Evans
Director: Alexander Ferris
Set & Costume Design: Katie Scott
Sound Design: Christella Litras
Wardrobe Supervisor: Kirsty Blades
Producer: Wesley Bennett-Pearce
Set Construction: Leeds Playhouse Workshops
Production Manager: Steve Wattling
Photography: Anthony Robling
Composer: Christella Litras
Venue: Leeds Playhouse & Rural tour
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