Box Of Tricks Theatre
Fusing live folk music and new writing to create a patchwork of memory and dream, Narvik is a bold new play set during the Second World War that brings to life a powerful story of love, guilt, heroism and betrayal.

If I was to throw myself beneath that tide… If I was to let the water take me, ’til the cold felt like heat, like love…”

Present day. Liverpool. All alone, an old man falls in a basement and loses consciousness.

World War Two. Norway. A young sailor with a heart full of hope, longing and courage falls in love.

Narvik tells the story of a Liverpudlian man and a Norwegian woman pulled together and torn apart by war as the events of one summer cause ripples across an ocean of time.


Writer: Lizzie Nunnery
Director: Hannah Tyrrell-Pinder
Set & Costume Design: Katie Scott
Lighting Design: Richard Owen
Associate Producer: Amy Fisher
Set Construction: Carl Heston
Production Manager: Richard Owen
Photography: Alex Mead @Decoy Media
Composer: Vidar Norheim and Martin Heslop
Movement: Elinor Randle
Dramaturg: Lindsay Rodden
Venue: Home MCR & Tour
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