Plastic Figurines

Box Of Tricks Theatre
“Mum told me that there was something in his brain that was different, she said that he liked to put his toys in lines and that was a symptom or whatever . I used to go in his room and see all his stuffed animals in line and I’d mess them up. I’d mess the line up.”

A new play by Ella Carmen Greenhill

Rose loves her brother Mikey. Mikey loves Rose, Bruce Willis films and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles but he hates change. When their mum is diagnosed with leukaemia, their world is plunged into chaos. Rose returns home tofind a very different brother to when she left. But today is his eighteenth birthday and Rose wants everything to be perfect but life with Mikey isn’t ever that simple.

Inspired by events in the playwright’s own life, Plastic Figurines is a funny and moving new play that explores autism and the relationship between siblings with very different views of the world.



Company: Box Of Tricks Theatre
Writer: Ella Carmen Greenhill
Director: Adam Quayle
Set & Costume Design: Katie Scott
Lighting Design: Richard Owen
Sound Design: Chris James
Associate Producer: Amy Fisher
Set Construction: Liverpool Scenic Workshops
Production Manager: Richard Owen
Photography: Richard Davenport
Venue: The New Diorama
Composer: Chris Hope
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