Searching For The Heart Of Leeds

In a collision of music, movement, and the words of over 200 Leeds residents, two lost Loiners search for the one thing that makes Leeds, Leeds.

The Playhouse’s very own Community Company, made up of over 70 talented individuals onstage and off, will perform real stories gathered from our brilliant city and share their take on where to find the heart of Leeds.

Searching for the Heart of Leeds is choreographed by the internationally renowned Phoenix Dance Theatre, features a live community band and a host of community choirs from across the city. From the award-winning director Alexander Ferris and written by BAFTA award-winning Mark Catley.


Writer: Mark Catley
Director: Alexander Ferris
Set & Costume Design: Katie Scott
Lighting Design: David Bennion – Pedley
Wardrobe Supervisor: Victoria Marzetti
Producer: Martha Wilson
Set Construction: Leeds Playhouse Workshops
Production Manager: Suzi Cubbage
Photography: David Lindsay
Venue: Leeds Playhouse
Musical Direction:Christella Litras
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