A Christmas Carol

Whilst Christmas cheer and goodwill thrive across Victorian England, tight-fisted Ebenezer Scrooge goes to bed on Christmas Eve with no compassion or love in his heart. However, that night he is visited by the ghost of his old business partner Jacob Marley and is taken on a mystical journey through yuletides past, present and future […]

Jungle Book

Mowgli the man-cub battles for survival in this wild musical adaptation of The Jungle Book. Can Mowgli outwit the cruel and powerful tiger, Shere Khan? With the help of his animal friends, he learns the law of the jungle and confronts the dangers in his path?  Packed with memorable characters, original songs, humour and brilliant storytelling, […]

Spring and Port Wine

Rafe Crompton attempts to preside over his family with an iron fist, dispensing order and discipline. However, after an argument with his daughter over dinner and with a backdrop of a rapidly changing society, things fall apart over the course of a weekend as his four children assert their independence. Will Rafe see that it is […]

One Man Two Guvnors

Based on Goldoni’s 18th-century comedy The Servant of Two Masters. Fired from his skiffle band, Francis Henshall becomes minder to Roscoe Crabbe, a small time East End hood, now in Brighton to collect £6,000 from his fiancee’s dad. But Roscoe is really his sister Rachel posing as her own dead brother, who’s been killed by her […]

The Last Days Of Judas Iscariot

Actors on the set of Last Days Of Judas Iscariot

The Last Days of Judas Iscariot is a hilarious; poignant, thought-provoking work by Pulitzer-prize winning playwright Stephen Adly Guirgis. Boasting a large, zany cast of characters, the play asks one of the most plaguing questions in the Christian ideology: What happened to Judas Iscariot?

The Chit Chat Chalk Show

Actor in press photo for Chit Chat Chalk Show

The Chit Chat Chalk Show is charming, physical and packed with interaction for children aged 3-8 years & their families.

Dark Dark Wood

Theatre Design for Dark Dark Wood

 Unity Two, was transformed into a Dark Dark Wood.. for a series of workshops, gigs and performances.

The Grid

The YEP company on the set of The Grid

“Like it or not everything is changing. The result will be the most wonderful experience in the history of man, or the most horrible enslavement that you can imagine. Be active or abdicate – the future is in your hands” William Cooper, 1989

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